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These are some of the services provided by Borrell Technology Incorporated:
  • Redevelopment Planning, Demolition and Replacement Housing and Disaster Administration
  • Agency and Strategic Planning
  • Organizational and Operational Assistance (Including Asset Management Project-Based Reengineering)
  • Design and Development of Organizational Structures, including the Designation of Appropriate Departments, Divisions, Chains of Command and Staffing Levels
  • PHAS Assessment and Improvement
  • Maintenance Reviews and Improvement Planning/Implementation
  • Development of Material Management\Inventory Control Systems
  • Physical Needs Assessments, 504 Assessments and Transitions Plans, Energy Audits, Management Needs Assessments and Capital Fund/Development Planning/Administration
  • Develop and/or Revise Resident Selection and Occupancy Policies and Procedures
  • Personnel Policies & Procedures Employee Performance Programs
  • Voluntary Compliance Agreement Negotiation and Management
  • Performance Assessment, Improvement Plans, and HUD Monitoring Responses
  • Development and/or Revision of Operational Policies and Procedures
  • Program, Construction & Architectural Services Management
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Training

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