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Force Account Management for the Capital Fund
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Construction is a high-risk industry. For housing agencies who elect to use force account construction, the risk can be devastating. The HA must clearly demonstrate to HUD that the use of force account is more beneficial than contract construction. This means that an HA has primarily the same risks as construction companies. A force account manager must have expertise in project management, procurement and contract management, logistic management, decision-making management, information systems, financial and dispute management, and personnel management. Without that expertise, the contractor is doomed to failure.
This comprehensive course covers project management, procurement, contract management, logistic management, decision-making processes, information systems, financial and disputes management, personnel management, recordkeeping and reporting. You will receive sample procedures, tracking methods and forms. All students receive a comprehensive guidebook, complete with checklists, resources, regulations and schedules.
This session is recommended for any manager involved with force account construction.
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