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Capital Fund Program Management & Administration
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The Capital Fund, a comprehensive formula-driven program, is designed to respond to the capital and management improvement requirements of public housing. However, project-based budgeting and accounting is now applied to all programs and revenue sources that support projects under an ACC including the Capital Fund. If you are unsure how to administer your Capital Fund Program under the new Asset Management rule, this program is for you. Do you know which activities are bound by the Capital Fund Program rules and the Annual PHA Plan requirements and which will change with the implementation of asset management? Do you know how to convert to a “fee-for-service” Capital Fund model? The administrative strategies you implement now will greatly impact the success of your program. This training is now updated with the latest requirements for the “project-based” Capital Fund and as always, provides you with practical methods and tools to succeed.

Through step-by-step procedures, the entire Capital Fund planning, organization, and program administration process is presented in detail. It's the practical way to comply with HUD regulations. All students receive a comprehensive guidebook, complete with checklists, resources, regulations and schedules. This three day seminar provides the most detailed, useful and updated information about the Capital Fund available.
This program is directed to the Modernization Administrator; however, anyone involved with the planning of the Capital Fund or the procuring of goods and services would benefit from this session.


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