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Borrell Technology Incorporated (BTI) is a Chicago-based firm of housing professionals with over 35 years of experience with public and Indian housing operations and the design and implementation and management of organizational, operational and capital improvements. BTI is owned and operated by Lynne Borrell and is certified as a Woman Business Enterprise. BTI has gained national prominence as the leader in training and technical assistance for the management, maintenance, and development/modernization of low-income housing.
Following is a summary of BTIís expertise, experience, success and capacity:
  • Has key staff ready to place on-site at HAs across the country with years of hands-on experience directly and successfully managing HAs;
  • Has been instrumental in assisting many troubled housing agencies in improving performance based on over 100 years of combined hands-on experience managing and administering housing programs;
  • Provides consulting services to over 60 housing and community development agencies annually;
  • Trains over 1,600 HAs annually in subjects such as planning, procurement and contract administration, labor standards, demolition/disposition, relocation, replacement housing, modernization, construction administration, section 3, construction inspection, resident involvement, occupancy, housing management, development;
  • Is a nationally recognized human resource development and policy and procedure developer for housing agencies;
  • Possesses a proven successful ability to work with residents;
  • Managed housing and administered housing programs;
  • Designed, constructed and/or rehabilitated over 10,000 units and managed the construction of over 8,000 units of assisted housing;
  • Has Architects/Engineers who have worked with HUD compliance requirements for over 30 years;
  • Has staff with more than 40 years of hands-on, positive interaction with housing residents;
  • Has a long history of successful cost control for work for government agencies;
  • Has a long history of successful fast tracking of construction for government agencies; and
  • Have over 40 associate firms experienced, ready and able to take on additional work.

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